Do you need a degree to work in cyber security?

Do you need a degree to work in cyber security?

Do you need a degree to work in cyber security?  This is a relevant question for people who are interested in exploring a career in cyber security. It does not matter if you are changing careers or a student who is just getting started answering this question can be the first start on how to begin a cyber security career. The answer to the question is simple, no. No degree of any kind is required to start in cyber security or any information technology field. What is required is proven skill or at least a reasonable assumption that you possess the requisite skill, experience, and acumen of the particular role.

A degree can be an excellent way to gain skills and knowledge necessary to do cyber security work but, it is not the only way available. Getting a degree from a four-year university can be an extensive investment in both time and money and may not be the best solution for you.  It is possible to gain the needed knowledge without ever attending or paying for a class ever. There are many resources that exist that can be useful in helping to learn cyber security and validate those skills in the market place. It is possible to self-study and take certification exams. Another avenue is finding a mentor or apprenticeship. There are many different ways to learn and practice what is learned it is important to find the way that works best.

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