Should you get Comptia Network+ in 2019 for cyber job roles?

Should you get Comptia  Network+ in 2019 for cyber job roles?

Certifications can be a great way to start a career new career in cyber security or transition from a current I.T. role to a security focused role. Is the Network+ certification from Comptia good if you are trying to start a career in cyber security? Yes, if you are new to information technology this certification can provide the basic knowledge necessary to perform security work. The Network+ certification provides an excellent opportunity to learn the fundamentals of networking technology.

The Comptia Network+ certification is a great place to start your journey towards being a cyber security professional. This exam exposes a learner to basic networking and the fundamentals of security concepts in relation to networking. Understanding these concepts can get you that first I.T. gig and that can lead to experience. Experience is better than any certification. If you already have experience and basic knowledge and understanding of hardware, software, and fundamentals of security concepts then I would suggest a different certification to be the first one that you get. If you are a current Cisco CCNA holder or experienced network engineer the Network+ cert would not be the best fit.

Certifications are expensive and require an investment of our time to prepare properly and to actually test. It is important to make sure that they align with your life goals and career aspirations. Also, maximize the return on your investment of time and money. Should you you get an Network+ cert in 2019? Yes it can be an excellent starter cert that provides the basic skills and knowledge to be successful. If you already have experience and knowledge it is probably not the best investment for you.

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