5 skills needed to be successful in a cyber job.

5 skills needed to be successful in a cyber job.

There are many technical skills that are needed to be successful in cyber workforce. Skills like programming, networking, and auditing to name a few. There are many others but these are common skills. There are many people that have practiced and honed these skills to provide value to their teams and organizations. There are many jobs available for people that have these valuable skills. There are other skills that are required to be successful in a cyber job. The five soft skills or non-technical skills that are needed to be successful in cyber job are effective communication, curiosity, time management, self-motivated, and stress management.

Effective communication can help you keep a job or lose a job. Written communication and spoken communication are needed to communicate ideas to others. We communicate with customers internal to our company or organization or external. A cyber professional is typically tasked with solving a problem, if they cannot communicate the solution to stakeholders, then the problem isn’t actually solved. Effective communication can also be a tool for conflict resolution.

Curiosity or wanting to know how things work. Asking why or how can lead to new technologies that fuel innovation. Asking what if can make things faster and ultimately better. The need to know engages our awareness of our environment. This awareness can translate to anticipating problems and possible solutions.

Time management is critical for success in cyber workforce. We could all use more time. Cyber jobs have deadlines and results are measure by time. The old adage, “Time is money” is as true in the 21st century as it was in all previous times. Making sure the appropriate amount of time is spent on each task is a key to navigate a successful career.

Self-motivation is a building block to accomplish anything in life. New technologies are created constantly and studying new or emerging technologies will allow a cyber professional to be able to take advantage of many opportunities. No one outside of yourself can make you seek out the bleeding edge technology that changes so rapidly that motivation has to come from within.

The final skill that is necessary to be successful in a cyber job role is stress management. Adhering to deadlines creates an inherent pressure that leads to stress. A position where the consequences are dire create similar stresses. Many professionals working in cyber careers experience burnout and leave the industry. Too many long days, too many long nights, too much pressure all lead to stress and the stress must be managed daily.

Success is different each individual and only they know what works for them. Stay curious. Remember not to waste your time or anyone else’s. Communicate in a way so people understand.  And stay cool.

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