Why you need to start learning cloud platforms.

Why you need to start learning cloud platforms.

The current technology dictates that IT professionals learn cloud technologies. The benefits to organizations cannot be denied. Those benefits include reduced IT cost, scalability, business continuity, and flexibility. The utilization of the cloud can have a positive benefit on the bottom line of an organization. The technology has matured to the point that makes it the first choice for many organizations. It may not be the best solution for all use cases, but can be a valuable addition to existing infrastructure. There are opportunities for IT professionals to manage existing cloud services, integrate current infrastructure to the cloud, and create solutions utilizing cloud technologies.

As of the writing of this article, there are nearly 107,000 postings for IT professionals with cloud expertise on Indeed in the United States. The cloud revolution is not coming, it is here today. The technology has been around for 13 years or so and is improving. The goal of this article is not to sell enterprise cloud services. It is not meant to paint cloud technologies as a tech panacea that solves all of the problems of the computing world, it is merely stating that the technology is mature and is going to be utilized more. It will take fewer individuals to manage and maintain. It is not a passing fancy and will disrupt the lives of IT professionals that do not prepare. The environment has changed and will change further. You are behind if you have not been attempting to get these skills. If offshoring was bad cloud shoring will be devastating in terms of lay offs. Not every business will have the expertise or budget to take advantage of cloud computing, because what they have is working for them and will continue to work for them. Not every organization can utilize the benefits of cloud computing, but for those that can, they will need professionals with the skill and expertise to accomplish their goals. You can be one of those professionals.

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