Top 5 Security Focused Cloud Certifications

Top 5 Security Focused Cloud Certifications

Certifications can be a great way to enhance a career. They will not make you an expert but can give direction and confidence to practice more. Certifications can provide a great foundation for your professional knowledge base. Cloud technology is causing major change in the IT landscape. More organizations are adopting cloud services and integrating them into their IT infrastructure. Storing data, transferring and processing data in the cloud requires skills and knowledge. The Cyber Job Mentor recommends these 5 certs as a start to gaining the knowledge and skill necessary.

1.AWS Certified Security – Specialty SCS-C01

The AWS Certified Security – Specialty validates an understanding of security operations and risk as it pertains to AWS cloud. It also provides understanding about encryption and ways to implement in AWS. This certification is recommended for cyber job professionals that have chosen AWS as their cloud platform of choice. Also, with AWS you can create a free account for a limited time period to practice necessary skills. This is considered a specialty exam and there are no prerequisites. The exam cost $300.00. Amazon suggest at least 2 years of hands on experience securing AWS and implementing security controls, but it is not a requirement to study for and take the test. Learn more at the AWS certification web site

2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate Exam AZ-500

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate measure skill in managing identity, implementing platform protection, managing security operations, and securing data and applications. The exam cost is $165.00 and there are no prerequisites or other requirements. Microsoft has step-by-step guidance at located here You may also get more information about this certification at

3. CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional

The CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional is brought to you by experts at (ISC)². The same organization that provides the CISSP exam. The CCSP does have an experience requirement, but it is possible to take exam without require experience. There are also ways to substitute the required experience with other certifications or credentials. The cost for the exam is $599.00. This certification is highly recommended for IT professionals who already have earned a CISSP or SSCP certification.

4. Professional Cloud Security Engineer

The Professional Cloud Security Engineer is provided by Google. Google markets this exam as perfect for IT professionals regardless of platform used. This exam covers configuring access within a cloud solution environment, configuring network security, ensuring data protection, managing operations within a cloud solution environment, ensuring compliance. There are no prerequisites for this exam. This certification is recommended because Google provides hands-on practice and a Coursera course located here The exam cost $200.00. You can learn more about the exam here

5. CSSK – Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

The Cloud Security Alliance or CSA provides the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge or CCSK. The CCSK exam is a vendor neutral exam.  The CSA recommends training courses to familiarize yourself with the exam material. This exam covers the topics discussed in the CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing v4.0   The exam cost is $395.00. There are no prerequisites for the exam. It is a great exam to get a broad range of cloud security knowledge. You can learn more at

Use the certifications as a guide to study. As an IT professional your budget may not be able to stretch to pay for a certification at this time. That limitation does not mean you cannot study for a certification. Choose your direction. Set your goal. Make sure you work towards your goal each and every day. Build your knowledge.

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