Top 5 Advanced Level Cyber Security Certifications

Top 5 Advanced Level Cyber Security Certifications

Cybersecurity is a fascinating field. It is expanding and growing daily. The security side of information technology has many career opportunities. The Cyber Job Mentor has identified five certifications for advanced level professionals with experience. These certs are recommended for experienced IT professionals looking for advancement or a new set of skills for a new career path.

(ISC)² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is presented by (ISC)². The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)², is a non-profit organization that specializes in training and certifications for cybersecurity professionals. The CISSP is considered the global industry standard for cybersecurity certifications. It is one of the most widely known and accepted certifications available. CISSP validates skills in effectively designing, implementing and managing a cybersecurity program. The domains covered are Security and Risk Management, Asset Security, Security Architecture and Engineering, Communications and Network Security, Identity and Access Management, Security Assessment and Testing, Security Operations, Software Development Security. The exam cost is $699.00. This exam has an experience requirement of 5 years and you must be endorsed. Learn more about this exam here

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)

The CASP+ certification validates advanced-level competency in risk management; enterprise security operations and architecture; research and collaboration; and integration of enterprise security. CompTIA recommends experience of at least five years but it is not required. CASP+ is considered a technical exam, so a successful candidate would have to be able to perform specified tasks. Also, this exam is geared towards front line facing roles and not managerial. The exam is $439.00. Learn more about it here

ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

The CISA is a certification that covers the auditing for information systems. The CISA is offered by ISACA. ISACA engages in the advancement, acceptance and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. The domains covered by the examination are Information Systems Auditing Process, Governance and Management of IT, Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation, Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience, Protection of Information Assets. This is an exam for professionals with fairly extensive experience and knowledge. The CISA is widely recognized and respected. A minimum of 5 years of professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience is required for certification. The exam cost is $760 if you are not a member of the ISACA organization. This certification is useful for infosec professionals and accounting professionals. Visit this link to discover more

Offensive Security Certified Professional OSCP

The Offensive Security Certified Professional OSCP exam is presented by Offensive Security. This group provides penetration testing training and certification. This OSCP is considered entry level for the discipline of penetration testing but it takes advanced knowledge and the examination is rigorous and that is why it is included in this list. To achieve this certification, you must complete Offensive Security’s Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PwK) course and pass the 24-hour hands-on exam. This exam validates information gathering, identifying vulnerabilities, executing attacks, and completing penetration test reports. The minimum price for the exam and course is $800.00. Learn more about this excellent certification here

ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is a managerial certification specifically designed for information security professionals. This exam covers four domains Information Security Governance, Information Risk Management, Information Security Program Development and Management, and Information Security Incident Management. ISACA states, “The uniquely management-focused CISM certification promotes international security practices and recognizes the individual who manages, designs, and oversees and assesses an enterprise’s information security.” This certification may be well suited for information security consultants, chief information security officers, chief technology officers, or other executive level management roles. The cost of the exam is $760.00 for non-members and the experience requirement is 5 years. Successful candidates will understand the business impact of information security. Discover more in depth information here

It takes practice and practice and hands-on experience to become an expert. Certifications without practice are not worth as much. Choose professional development activities that work best for your situation. Look for opportunities that align with your goals and align with your learning style. There are other certifications that are great for beginners this is not a comprehensive list and they may not work for all people. Find what works for you

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