Top 5 Guides for Certified Ethical Hacker v10

Top 5 Guides for Certified Ethical Hacker v10

Certifications can be a great way to start a career new career in cyber security or transition from a current I.T. role to a security focused role. Is the CEH certification good if you are trying to start a career in cyber security? Yes, if you are new to information technology this certification can provide the basic knowledge necessary to perform security work specially penetration testing. The CEH certification provides an excellent opportunity to learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking.

The Certified Ethical Hacking Certification is well regarded by human resources departments. If you were to peruse job postings for cybersecurity professionals you would find this cert as a requirement for employment or similar training. The latest test is 312-50. A certified ethical hacker will use many of the tools and knowledge that malicious hacker uses, but in a lawful manner and with permission. This exam is presented by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as the EC-Council. They provide many certifications that revolve around cybersecurity. The cost of an exam voucher is currently $1199.00. The experience requirements are having another CEH version cert, or 2 years of experience that will be verified, or take an approved training course. If you are interested in learning more about this certification please visit their website The Cyber Job Mentor recommends these five guides to assist you in studying for the exam. These are affiliate links and do support the website.

Studying for certifications can be an excellent method of professional development. Choose professional development activities that work best for your situation. Look for opportunities that align with your goals and align with your learning style. 

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, Fourth Edition 4th Edition

by Matt Walker

ISBN-13: 978-1260454550

ISBN-10: 126045455X

CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

By Ric Messler

ISBN-13: 978-1119533191

ISBN-10: 1119533198

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 10 Cert Guide (3rd Edition) (Certification Guide) 3rd Edition

By Omar Santos and Michael Gregg

ISBN-13: 978-0789760524

ISBN-10: 0789760525

Passing the CEH 10: Learning the Certified Ethical Hacker 10

By Sean Oriyano and Michael Janus

ISBN-10: 1792991029

ISBN-13: 978-1792991028

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition 2nd Edition

By Jon Erickson

ISBN-13: 978-1593271442

ISBN-10: 1593271441

This book has great examples. It is not so much a strict guide of CEH v10 as it is instruction on how to exploit software.

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