Top 4 Reasons NOT to Get CEH V10 Certification

Top 4 Reasons NOT to Get CEH v10 certification

Certifications can be a great way to start a career new career in cybersecurity or transition from a current I.T. role to a security-focused role. Is the CEH certification good if you are trying to start a career in cybersecurity? The Cyber Job Mentor has identified 4 reasons NOT to pursue the certified ethical hacker certification version 10. Before investing time and money into a certification perform research. Do you due diligence. Each professional has the responsibility to manage their career and professional development. Find mentors, network, and practice your craft.

The cost.

At the time of this writing in mid-2020, the price of the exam is $1199.00. Another dollar and that is $1200.00. There is also a yearly fee of $80. In 3 years $1440.00 is the cost not including materials that may have been purchase to study for the exam such as a class or a study guide book. That cost can stretch a professional development budget. Each person looking to take the exam must consider if the cost is a worthy investment for them.

The testing format.

The current version of the CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker exam version 10 is currently delivered in the format of a multiple-choice exam. This format is very similar to a standardized test that is given to students around the world during formative education such as high school. There are entrance exams to colleges that rely on the same multiple-choice format. Educators have discussed this type of format as being less beneficial to students ultimately. The reason is it is possible to guess the right answer. This criticism is not unique to the CEH but standardized testing in general.

Perception of industry professionals.

Professionals within the industry have questioned whether people with this certification know anything. There is no national database of these complaints but the sentiment is growing that perhaps there are certifications that test skills and knowledge better. There are more specialized exams in the marketplace competing for the eyes of professionals and providers are offering more specialized products that test more specialized skillsets.

Does not fit goals.

The CEH does not fit within the goal setting for every cybersecurity professional. Some professionals new and seasoned choose goals based on many different reasons and sometimes the CEH just doesn’t fit for those personal or professional reasons. Professional development time and money are finite resources and everyone must make choices that maximize their desired outcome.

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