Getting Started in Cyber Security

The field of cyber security is generating buzz in the media. Many people are curious about the field because there is discussion about jobs and prosperity. People that do not have a background in information technology want information about how to start. What is cyber security? What do cyber security professionals do? These are common questions to ask.

What is cyber security? Basically, the collection of people, technologies, policies, and procedures that protect data or systems. What do cyber security professionals do? There are technicians, administrators, policy makers, managers, and auditors. The technicians typical monitor systems for evidence of attack and respond to incidences. Administrators usually implement the systems. Policy makers create the policies and procedures that the technicians and administrators should follow. Managers are typically leading the security group directing task and bear the ultimate responsibility. Auditors are tasked with making sure all groups have complied with the laws of the land that govern the overall entity in regards to information technology security. In some organizations each role is assigned to separate individuals and in others someone may perform multiple roles or some roles are outsourced.